Abide in Christ

Dear Family in Christ!

It is Kaitlyn Anjelica here, back in Canada after spending the past seven weeks in Honduras. It was a busy and exciting two months. We hosted 26 volunteers over the course of the summer. We spent our time teaching English, building a house, traveling to host free mini-medical clinics, treating patients in El Cacao at Project Hope Clinic, visiting the women’s prison, hosting children’s programs with a special focus for young girls, running our weekly youth group, sharing, worshiping, and preaching in churches, and leading evangelism outreaches. And those are just the beginning of the adventures God took us on during the span of seven weeks. God moved in such incredible ways that I feel compelled to share with my family in Christ everything so that they too can be encouraged in their spirits and be lead to pray. So over the next months I will be retelling the stories of God that happened during the summer.

My prayer is that God would speak to you through the stories. That he would reveal to you that he is God and he is good and he is moving and wanting to move in your own life. That you would catch hold of the passion and fire, and desire it for yourself. And ultimately that you would choose to make God the center of your life, so that all things would flow out of a heart dedicated to him.

Sometimes we get so busy focused on the “ministry”. What is ministry anyways? The Free Online Dictionary states that it is “the act of serving”. But sometimes we forget who and why we are serving. The logistics and organization get us all mixed up and we focus more on what games we will play at the youth group, and where to buy the best cement, rather than on Jesus himself. This summer the number of ministries increased, the people performing the ministries needed to be taken care of, and the people being ministered to always needed more ministry. I quickly became overwhelmed and looked to myself to get it all done. But all we really need is to make GOD the CENTER of our lives, and everything else will flow out of that. If we abide in the vine, then we don’t need to worry about the fruit. Thank God for this truth. It takes off all the pressure.

So as you continue in ministry (because we are all called to be missionaries) may you make God the center, and abide in Jesus as a fully time career. And then watch the fruit come, and ministry have impact.

My prayers go out to you, as I know your prayers are going out to me. Cherise and my mom, Florence are still in Honduras continuing the ministry I had to leave behind, so pray for them please! Thank you and keep looking for the coming blogs J

Con mucho amor,

Kaitlyn Anjelica