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Mangulile Photo Essay

April 21, 2018
  “Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation.” Mark 16:15 As Adventure In Missions, we have heard this call and have decided to respond. A team of 22 individuals from the ages of 7 to 60, heard the specific call to climb into a small fishing boat, cross the ocean to arrive in Mangulile, a small coastal village that had never receive

Elida with the first shoes made from leather!

March 17, 2018
Almost one year ago Adventure In Missions started a micro business making shoes. Arriba, “shoes for beautiful feet”, has been a huge success. We thank God for leading us into this venture that now provides employment for 8 Hondurans. This week Elida made our first pair of shoes from leather. They will be a gift for her Dad as Sunday is Fathers Day in Hondura

Computer Project

August 17, 2017
We are very excited to say that a new ministry was started in El Cacao: Computer and Technology Project. We desire to see people reach their potential through career enhancing skills. In our computerized world, these skills are of great importance for opportunities in study and work and very few in our rural area have access to or have ever used a computer.

Mission Trip to Honduras

August 17, 2017
Why not escape winter this February and join us in Honduras? You can be a change maker! WINTER MISSION TO HONDURAS FEB. 11-22, 2018 WILL YOU ANSWER THE CALL? Want to make a difference in the lives of others for eternity? Now is your chance Ask God if a winter mission trip is something He would have you do. Join us to use your skills and abilities to bless ot

Exploring the Limitless

July 11, 2016
Limitless is one of those terms that I can’t really can’t wrap my mind around. Without limit: how can a limited brain, with limited capacity, comprehend something that goes beyond boundaries? It can’t be done, but our limitless God calls us to explore his incomprehensibility. We at Adventure In Missions see God at work each and every day and sometimes it’s e

God’s Surprise

September 26, 2013
Have you ever just felt that you were exactly where you needed to be? That God planned this exact date, time, and place for you? If you haven’t, I encourage you to ask God to give you one of these moments, because they are extraordinary. Ask God to surprise you. He loves to surprise us with his intimate love and plans. This moment happened to me when we left