Child Sponsorship

Change a child’s world for good!

Child sponsorship is a proven long-term solution to poverty that allows you to be a part of transforming a life, a family and an entire community. The ultimate goal is to see families and communities become self-sufficient by giving your child a healthier and hopeful world in which to live in.

Child Sponsorship

When you sponsor a child, your monthly sponsorship gift provides one special child — and his or her community — life-changing basics like: clean water and sanitation, access to healthcare, improved education, and economic empowerment.

Most importantly, they get to hear the gospel of Jesus Christ and about God’s love for them.

All it takes is about $1.25 a day, just $39 a month. Your donation is tax-deductible as a charitable gift.

How Sponsorship Works

We adhere to excellence, transparency, integrity and honesty in all that we do so that your donation dollars can make thebiggest impact in your sponsor child’s life.

Working with local staff and community leaders in Honduras allows us to create healthy environments and hopeful futures for children and their families. We make this happen by addressing important challenges. Your sponsorship helps provide health and nutrition, safe water, sanitation and hygiene, education and life skills, economic empowerment and much more.

Health and nutrition

Health education and nutritional status monitoring help parents and caregivers provide the basics required for healthy development. We accomplish this by helping new mothers with breast feeding and newborn care; teaching families how to prevent and get care for malaria; immunizations; and making sure families have affordable access to essential healthcare services.

Water, sanitation and hygiene

Access to clean water is critical to preventing childhood illness and lowering mortality rates, and helps children stay strong, healthy and in school. We work to ensure that water and sanitation facilities are available at schools, and provide access to safe water that mothers and children don’t have to travel long distances to acquire. By educating communities about sanitation and hygiene your dollars will be improving and saving lives.

Education and life skills

We work to eradicate illiteracy and to break the poverty cycle through education and training. Child sponsorship ensures children have access to, and are encouraged to complete a basic education; helps children enjoy positive relationships with their family, peers and community members; prepares teens for economic opportunities; and provides spiritual support to those who need it. We come alongside of local schools and provide classroom supplies, uniforms and school fees as well as teacher training and community awareness-raising.

Economic Empowerment

Donating to your sponsor child will assist their families by providing small business loans and helping farm families take advantage of new opportunities. You will be helping young people find work and others, especially working mothers, get access to skills training and support.


Connect With Your Child

Watch Your Child Grow

Community Progress

Sponsoring a child is just the beginning of an amazing adventure that allows you to be a part of transforming a life, a family and an entire community. Stay connected with your child by:

  • Sending letters, cards & emails
  • Giving special gifts and packages
  • Visiting your sponsored child
With your help, your child will have the opportunity for a healthier, fuller life. We’ll send you updates so you can see how your child is growing and developing. Each year you’ll receive:

  • New photos
  • Your child’s Progress Report
As a sponsor, you’ll be helping change the lives of your sponsored child’s family and community. You’ll receive updates each year to show how your support is strengthening their entire community, including:

  • Newsletter
  • Community photos


Visit Your Child

An Unforgettable Experience


Visiting your sponsored child may be the most meaningful and memorable experience you’ll have in your lifetime. Whether you would like to join an organized Sponsor Tour or travel personally for an individual visit, AIM works hard to make this exciting experience a reality — an experience you and your child will remember forever. AIM believes so strongly in the positive effect of such a meeting that we assist you in coordinating the details of spending a special day with your child.

Our vision for every child is to make the child’s world a better place to live – and together with your support, we are able to make this possible. We know you are excited to meet your new sponsored child so please contact us for more information and/or to schedule your visit.

Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, for the kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” – Matthew 19:14

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What to expect as a sponsor

As a sponsor, you get to watch a child’s life and their entire community transform into a thriving environment where people have the basics they need for a positive and successful life. You will receive:

· Newsletters

· 2 Personal letters from your child each year

· Updated photo of your child each year

· Your child’s Yearly Progress Report

Child Sporsorship

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