Computer Project

We are very excited to say that a new ministry was started in El Cacao: Computer and Technology Project. We desire to see people reach their potential through career enhancing skills. In our computerized world, these skills are of great importance for opportunities in study and work and very few in our rural area have access to or have ever used a computer. Imagine your life, never being able to type an email, make a powerpoint presentation, or search the internet for an article. A trained Christian teacher from La Ceiba will be coming to El Cacao weekly to teach the essentials of typing, Microsoft programs, and internet searching. One of the teenage students on the first day excitingly exclaimed, “I need this!” She recognized the importance of these skills to future study, and her career. We pray that these skills will be an aid in breaking the cycle of poverty. Please join us in praying for the students as they learn and also have opportunities to engage in the gospel with our staff!

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