Construction of Homes

The world is experiencing a global housing crisis. Nearly 2 billion people around the world live in slum housing and over 100 million are homeless. Families are trapped in a daily struggle to survive amid substandard and often inhuman living conditions. Safe, affordable housing is a basic necessity for every family. Without a decent place to live, people cannot be productive members of society, children cannot learn and families cannot thrive.

Adventure In Missions believes that empowering everyone to have a safe and affordable place to live is key to breaking the cycle of poverty. We believe that we have a spiritual mandate to bring justice to the poor and empower them to lead self-sufficient lives. We do this in such a way as to build the capacity and capabilities of each community, so that they are active participants in the solution to their housing problems and not passive recipients of aid.

We are the first generation with the knowledge and resources to eradicate poverty. Let us not refuse to miss the opportunity. Adventure In Missions has made the choice – a choice to act – and we believe that together we can make a difference. If you have skills in the area of construction, or a heart ready to do some of the most rewarding work there is, join us in Honduras.
Project Hope Trade School
Project Hope Trade SchoolHonduras has one of the lowest educational success rates with only 32 out of 100 students finishing primary school. With the number of secondary school dropouts rising each year, the divide between the wealthy and the poor is widening. Particularly for those who live in rural communities, the thought of furthering their education is only a dream.  To travel to the city is financially out of their reach. Adventure In Missions wants to provide an opportunity for them to learn a trade close to home. AIM has partnered with INFOP, the Honduran trade school system, to provide access to education for people in a rural setting where they live. The Project Hope Trade School offers specialized training programs that help these individuals enter the workforce with marketable skills. The skills the students will learn will aid in reducing unemployment, improve life, and help maintain the growing economy of the nation. What’s key about education is that it allows people to lift themselves out of poverty. It’s not charity, but rather a long-term and sustainable path to development. We are seeing that happen one student at a time.
Water & Sanitation

Water is fundamental to survival, but it is estimated that half the Honduran population do not have access to safe drinking water. For them, water is not a source of life, health, and well-being as it is for us. Water as they know it, strips them of opportunities for education and work, and contributes to an endless cycle of poverty and despair. Sick children cannot attend school. Parents of sick children cannot work on a regular basis. Having clean, safe drinking water is the first step to break the cycle of poverty in which many people are trapped.

Adventure In Missions has been involved in drilling wells, placing BioSand Water filters, and implementing other creative water delivery systems using horse drawn carts and bicycles. Join us in our commitment to community development that will provide a sustainable long-term water and sanitation solution for each village, each family, and each person where we have been called to serve.