God created each one of us with unique passions, dreams, and desires to fulfill a purpose. His wish is that we would fulfill His purpose. As Adventure In Missions we want to partner with you and provide a place for you to complete God’s longing. We invite you to use the unique abilities God has given you to serve and build His kingdom in Honduras.

Whether your passion is to feed the hungry, play with children, participate in athletics, fix a car, give a diagnosis, build a house, teach English or science, work in administration, sing a new song, or cook a meal, Adventure In Missions has a place for you to serve.

Whether you desire to commit to a lifetime of ministry, have a semester off, are entering retirement, or wish to spend your two week vacation on a missions trip, we invite you to invest your time serving God in an unforgettable experience for yourself, and those whose lives you will ultimately impact.

Missions Teams
Join an upcoming team. During this time, you will have the opportunity to experience the Honduran culture, beauty, food, and churches, while sharing the gospel through practical ways. Along with the team, you will have the opportunity to use any talents you have and discover new ones. AIM’s two-week Missions Trip focuses on bringing God’s kingdom through medical/dental brigades, the construction of homes, working with children and youth, preaching and teaching in churches and through door-to-door evangelism. The two weeks will be full of new adventures; you’ll experience firsthand what missions are about and discover your role in the kingdom!
Short Term

Short Term missions are perfect for individuals, families, and teams. They can extend anywhere from two to eight weeks, during the time of the year that works best for you. They provide you with the opportunity to live in the Honduran culture for a short time and experience all that God may have for you in missions in the future. We invite you to come and serve in whatever area God has called you to, from construction, to teaching, to medicine. We have a place for you!

Long Term
Long Term missions truly provides an amazing experience for you, your family, or your team to come and dedicate eight weeks or more to participate in the Great Commission. You will find yourself in a new culture, living with and for the Honduran people. It is an opportunity to invest and see the reward of serving the Lord, and reaching the nations. Every day will be a new adventure, discovering what God would have you do to best serve Him. From our experience in dedicating more than 20 years to the Honduran people, we can honestly say that you will find nothing more satisfying than a life abandoned to the Lord and his people.