Spreading Joy, Sharing Love: An Update from Nelvin, Cherise, Priscila, and Lucas in Honduras

New Year greetings from Cherise, Nelvin, Priscila, and Lucas! As we gather with hearts brimming with
gratitude, we wanted to share the joy of what God is doing in Honduras, our valued partners in ministry.
This year has been a tapestry of challenges, triumphs, and, most importantly, the steadfast love of God
guiding our path.

We express our deepest appreciation for your unwavering support throughout the year. Your prayers, encouragement, and generous contributions sustain us in our mission endeavours.

We are blessed by the fantastic and talented students who fill our classrooms this school year. We have two new students who recently came to Honduras as missionary kids; we are honoured to support local
missionaries and partner with them in this way. We also have two siblings who came from Germany. We
love seeing cultural diversity within our students and experiencing, as a school, God’s multi-national

This school year, we launched our special education program. This program is the first of its kind in all of our department. Last year, we felt God was leading us to develop a program that would meet the needs of all students. Amazingly, God provided the finances through a partner organization in the States to equip a sensory gym and hire a psychologist and educational aids for one year. We are already seeing how this program is transformative for several students. Pictured is Valeria, a student with a learning disability who was abandoned and endured extreme abuse. One of our goals with Valeria is to learn to write her name; we are already seeing her advance toward this goal!

This year, Priscila has started to attend Pre-Kindergarten. She is a year younger than her classmates, but she loves to play and learn with her friends and teachers. It is so much fun to have her with us at the school and participate in our work this way. The current Pre-Kindergarten teacher, Miss Allana, is a missionary who grew up in Honduras. She plans to return to the States next year to get married, so we are praying for a new Pre-K teacher. We would love to fill this position with another missionary. Please share this need and consider if God is calling you to join Vida!

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