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At AIM, we ensure the process of giving is as heartfelt as the act itself. With flexible donation options, including secure one-time payment, your journey of giving is just a few clicks away.

Your gift, entrusted to us, is a sacred responsibility we carry with joy and dedication, ensuring it reaches those who await the touch of God’s love through your generosity.


Volunteering short and long term

At the heart of Adventure In Missions lies the pulse of missionary work, a calling that transcends borders and unites everyone for a common goal: to serve, love, and share the Gospel’s message. Missionary work is the hands and feet of Jesus moving across the Earth, reaching to the least, the lost, and the longing. It is a commitment to walk in the footsteps of Christ.

Our mission work is rooted in the belief that every person bears the image of God and deserves to experience his love in tangible ways. We see the hand of God at work in every aspect of our mission. As we continue to walk this path of service, we invite you to join us.

Whether you feel the calling to join a short-term mission trip or to invest in long-term missionary work, your hands and heart are needed. You can be part of a transformational journey that impacts Hondurans’ lives and leaves a mark on your soul as we change the world together!

Pray for Us

Prayer is the undercurrent that powers every mission trip, every project and every act of service at Adventure In Missions.

We believe in the might of prayer to move mountains, open doors, and soften hearts. When you commit to praying for us, you are joining a spiritual battle, uplifting missionaries and the communities they serve. Your prayers provide strength to the weary, wisdom to the seekers, and protection to the vulnerable.

Your prayers are essential. There are resources to inform you and assist you in this vital ministry. If you want to become a prayer partner and receive our prayer letter via email, fill out the form below.

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