Through prayer, our Adventure In Missions family partners with God and each other in His work.

Over the many years of ministry, we have seen confirmation again and again that prayer is vital to this ministry’s success. Our team members can recount story after story of how God has worked, all because of prayer. The prayers of the AIM family are the fuel behind the work of caring for the spiritual and physical needs of the poor. In the rugged terrain of service, both missionaries and the communities we serve contend with physical and emotional ailments.

We believe in a God who heals and seeks His healing touch over every life. We witness the struggles of those living in remote villages with limited access to healthcare, and we stand in the gap for them. As you pray for healing, remember the farmer battling illness, the child needing food, and the family seeking shelter. Your prayers are a vital support in our mission.

All our work is for His glory. The leadership of Adventure In Missions is committed to praying before our Father to ask Him for wisdom to know what to do, when, and where. Prayer is our priority in every activity.

Please join us in this vital work. Your prayers are essential, and together, we are stronger. In your prayers, remember the hands that build, the feet that travel, and the hearts that serve. Pray for our missionaries to have the strength to face each day with courage and experience healing from the Father. It enables them to carry on in the face of adversity. Your intercession is a gift of strength to our team and the people of Honduras.

Resources are available to inform you and assist you in this vital ministry. If you want to become a prayer partner and receive our prayer needs via e-mail or WhatsApp, fill out the form on our contact page.