Project Hope Clinic

Project Hope Clinic

Jesus healed people – inside and out. Adventure in Missions seeks to do the same through medical missions by offering medical and dental care in Jesus’ name and sharing compassion with more than words. Project Hope Clinic is located in a rural village, allowing it to serve patients facing health disparities secondary to remote location, poverty, and lack of access.

Project Hope Clinic is a multidisciplinary clinic staffed and managed entirely by Honduran professionals. It offers access to a primary care physician, dentist, pharmacy, lab work, chronic disease management, wound care nurses, women’s health nurses, and prenatal care.

Health care goes beyond the clinic building through medical outreach to some of the most remote areas along Honduras’ northern coast. Our healthcare providers have travelled by truck, boat, foot, and even horseback to bring access to medical care to those who need it. We partner our volunteers with locals who know the most about the region and local culture to hold clinics ‘on the go’ in the most remote areas, where some have never had access to healthcare. We also make house visits and bring support to patients who require higher levels of care, hospitalization, or surgery outside
of their village.


We can provide physical restoration and spiritual healing through compassionate medical and dental care. Partner with us at our permanent clinic or on medical outreach teams. The country’s many medical needs provide doorways of opportunity for trained medical professionals, students, and others with a heart to serve to present Christ’s love and hope through medical care.

Whatever your skill level, we invite you to join and serve; there is a place for you in this mission. Join us and be part of the legacy of love that transforms lives by bringing hope and healing!