Local Outreach


Evangelism at Adventure in Missions is the vibrant thread woven through the fabric of our ministries, colouring every action with a hue of divine purpose. It is the active expression of God’s love. A love that refuses to remain silent in the face of need and despair.

In Honduras, were children and youth often face stark realities of poverty, hunger, and abandonment, the message of the gospel becomes a lifeline. It becomes a promise of new life, opportunity, and a love that surpasses all understanding.

Our approach to evangelism is holistic, meeting not only spiritual needs but also offering practical support and emotional care. We believe in the power of presence—being there, in the moment, with those who have been overlooked by the world.



Mangulile has captured our hearts, just as it has captured God’s. As Adventure In Missions, we have heard this call and have decided to respond. Almost 10 years ago a team of 22 individuals from the ages of 7 to 60, heard the specific call to climb into a small fishing boat and travel for an hour by ocean to Mangulile, a small coastal village that had never received missionaries before.

Upon arriving at the coast of Mangulile, one first notices the beauty of the pure nature. The sandy beaches have never been crowded with tourists, the waters have not been reached by cruise ships, and the mountain’s jungle has never been cut back. It would be easy for one to be overcome by the beauty of this magical place, but the injustice and poverty that its people face remains.



Two incredible women, Doña Paula and Doña Bachita were ecstatic to meet us as we arrived, exclaiming, “We have been waiting six years for the missionaries to arrive!” Indeed, the Lord had spoken to them six years earlier that He would send a group of Western missionaries to support Mangulile. Praise God we were able to be the ones to respond to that call!

Upon receiving this word from the Lord, Doña Bachita began to save all her money to build a house for the future missionaries to stay. Simply by faith, a single woman, living in a village with no other cement houses, saved to put down every cement block to build a house with multiple bedrooms. She organized a car battery to provide the power needed to have one light bulb for us and cooked for all 22 of us in her little clay oven. These women are heroes of the faith and we were blessed to serve alongside them and pray in faith for even greater things to be done in Mangulile!

We accomplished God’s initial call to go and completed the prophecy, but that was just the beginning as we prayed that God would take us back!

Since our initial visit to Mangulile there have been many more trips. We now provide medical clinics, vitamin programs, school and educational support, and spiritual encouragement on an ongoing basis.

Join us in Honduras and get to know Mangulile for yourself.


San Antonio

Adventure In Missions plays a crucial role in reaching remote villages in Honduras, fostering positive transformation and addressing the unique challenges faced by these communities. Our dedicated missionaries bring not only the good news of Jesus but also essential humanitarian aid, education, safe water projects and healthcare services. In remote areas where government resources may be limited or inaccessible, we serve as a bridge, connecting villagers with much-needed support.

Furthermore, Adventure In Missions promotes cultural understanding and respect, fostering unity among diverse populations. By immersing ourselves in local customs and traditions, we build trust and create a conducive environment for positive change and living out the good news of Jesus.

In remote villages like San Antonio, where residents may feel isolated, we offer a sense of hope and community. We bring spiritual guidance and emotional support, helping individuals navigate challenges and find resilience in the face of adversity.

Ultimately, our prayer is that our presence in remote villages in Honduras signifies a commitment to holistic development, emphasizing the importance of addressing not only spiritual needs but also the fundamental aspects of education, healthcare, and community well-being.


Better Living Water

Water is fundamental to survival, but it is estimated that half the Honduran population do not have access to safe drinking water. For them, water is not a source of life, health, and well-being as it is for us. Water as they know it, strips them of opportunities for education and work, and contributes to an endless cycle of poverty and despair. Sick children cannot attend school. Parents of sick children cannot work on a regular basis. Having clean, safe drinking water is the first step to break the cycle of poverty in which many people are trapped.

With the goal of providing safe drinking water Adventure In Missions has joined forces with our friends at Better Living Water.

After years of study and research they have designed a water filtration system that is sanitary, safe, sustainable, and portable to provide the cleanest water possible. Their filter system can be easily cleaned and maintained and will deliver tens of thousands of gallons of bacteria free water.