Vida Christian Academy


At Vida Christian Academy, our students will become lifelong learners and leaders in their communities and churches. They will advocate for justice with integrity and live the truths of the Gospel.

Our students will experience the love of Jesus Christ and be trained to walk with the Holy Spirit to prepare them to have a lifelong relationship with Jesus.



At Vida Christian Academy, we partner with parents, community members and the local church body to develop the mind, body and spirit of all students through academic training infused with Christian discipleship.

Our students will be equipped to enter all spheres of society, whether secular or spiritual, as leaders to impact and improve their local, national and global community for the glory of God. At Vida Christian Academy, we can use education and discipleship to break the cycle of poverty and advance heaven’s kingdom on earth.


God has placed on our hearts the dream to equip the children and youth of rural Honduras with the tools they need to reach their full potential in Jesus. We believe that amidst poverty and abuse, education and discipleship in the Gospel of Jesus Christ is powerful enough to break familial chains. For that reason, in 2019, Adventure In Missions opened its first school, Vida Christian Academy!

We dream that this Christian bilingual school will raise Honduras’ next generation of leaders who will enter all spheres of society, both spiritual and secular, with the gospel’s truth.


Through our experience working in Honduras’ public school system and working with children, youth, and parents outside of the school context, we have experienced the need for an educational institution that truly equips students for their future. We know that quality education is not a holistic answer to the absence of hope in Honduras, but renewed and transformed hearts are. There is no better way to bring about this transformation than beginning with Honduras’ littlest people and discipling them through Christian instruction from primary through secondary education.

We desire that our students would be taught to stand against violence and corruption, and to advocate for justice while maintaining their integrity. We believe that through education infused with the good news of Jesus, we can raise men and women who would bring light and love to dark situations. Individuals who use their training and vocations as pastors and church leaders who exemplify Jesus like servanthood; as teachers in schools and universities who teach in truth; as health care professionals who treat people with love and dignity; and as politicians who prefer the needs of others and recognize Jesus as the true King and authority!

Since its founding, Vida Christian Academy has earned its Honduran Secretary of Education’s accreditation. We invite you to consider partnering with us in this project by sponsoring a child with a partial or full scholarship, joining in on the action firsthand by visiting us and volunteering short or long-term, and most notably, partnering with us in prayer.

Vida Christian Academy Special Education Program

In 2023, Vida officially launched its special education program, serving students who otherwise could not register at school. At Vida, we understand that each student is created in the image of God and can reflect God’s character to those around them. Through Jesus’ sacrifice, all are welcomed into the family of God, regardless of socio-economic background, ethnicity, and apparent cognitive and physical abilities. Each member of God’s family has unique talents and gifts to share with Christ’s body.

As an educational community, we are committed to fostering and equipping the youngest individuals to serve their local church and the global community for God’s glory regardless of ability levels. We aspire to excel in inclusive education because of Christ’s atoning sacrifice for the sins of the world and His plan to embrace all people.

We celebrate the diversity amongst our students as we strive to reflect the characteristics of a complex and multidimensional God.


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